Natiq Abbassov

Deputy Minister of Energy


Abbassov Natiq Balash was born on 18th June 1968 in Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan.

He graduated Azerbaijan Construction University in 1992, specializing in industry and civil construction.

He worked at “Karvan” company in different positions from 1991-1999.

He was appointed as head of Yasamal district gas institution in 2000.

He was appointed as team leader of reliable and secure exploration of municipal and district gas economy control department at the State Gas Control Institute in 2001.

He worked as programmer of 9th degree engineer programming department at subscriber group of H department of Nasimi GEI in 2004.

He was appointed as Executive Director of “Karvan” construction-installment LLC in 2006.

He worked as deputy head – deputy chief state inspector of State Gas Control Institution of the Ministry of Industry and Energy in 2007.

He was appointed as a Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Energy (currently Ministry of Energy) in 2009.

He is married with two children.